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Success is not about just attaining your goals; if you are able to sustain your success, then you have achieved real success. Do not just come and go. Leave a legacy behind you!

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  • Honoured as a Renaissance Entrepreneur.
  • A disruptive Visionary, Silicon Valley Evangelist and an Angel Investor.
  • An Educator, Entertainer, Author, Chief Architect and Lifestyle Designer.
  • Creative and Innovative Leader: Coach, Mentor and solution provider.
  • Ardent musician and music Producer. Passionate in the realm of music, science and technology collaborating it with his entrepreneurial ventures.

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Disruptive Visionary Program

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Limitless LEGACY


Starts with a personalized one-2-one consultation followed by a 2 day Bootcamp (Intense Workshop) that includes Mindset Adjustments, Subconscious Deep Memory Tuneups, Critical Installations along with a 1 year subscription to 100 Video Books and 100 Success Factor Videos.


Masterminds breaks business down to basic building blocks and educates you on assembling them for success.


FREE Advisory services via phone (Once a month) and email (24-72 hours response time depends on the traffic and time of the year) on a need basis upon mutual availability.

Awards & Recognition

The remarkable journey of the renaissance entrepreneur is an inspiration in itself. In the pursuit of excellence Dr. Kumar has set various benchmarks along the line. An aspiring amateur took a quantum leap into the realm of entrepreneurship earning the recognition of many institutions stamping his authority on various facets of entrepreneurship.



  • Entrepreneur of the Year


  • Evangelist of the year


  • Renaissance Entrepreneur by Cambridge


  • Global Entrepolis Award

Sun Elite

  • Partner of the year

CalUniversity Approval

  • Accreditation Under Dr. Shaan Kumar’s Leadership


  • Best Selling Author
  • 200000


  • 150000


  • 500+


  • 100+


  • 50+

    Innovation & Patents

Our Team

We design custom solutions meeting the requirements of customers from diverse verticals. SK Group is composed of a brilliant team of strategists having collaborated with many companies in different verticals. We have successfully launched new products besides delivering solutions.


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Programs / Courses

LEAP Methodology Program

Learning Enhancement and Excellence Achievement Process

This program is directed towards enhancing the process of excellence through learning. People strive to learn to understand, few learn to master, very few masters towards excellence and excellence to enhancement. Only if you have this competitive mindset you can sustain success…

This course is uniquely designed to render process driven knowledge. Equipped with a result oriented and application based approach students are enabled to tackle real life scenarios effectively.

It gives an edge over the competitors to stay ahead in the race of life in every field. The journey to success is a never ending one. Achievements of milestones on the way do not mean the destination is reached; in fact the journey begins there! A journey to a higher milestone! Spread your wings, fly higher, and dream farther! The skills rendered revise the approach towards achievement. Take the quantum leap into new heights, make the unreachable in reach.

RISE Strategy Program

Radiant Installations and Strategic Empowerment

This course gives a complete paradigm shift to the system of learning and the importance of knowledge towards the effectiveness of success.

Highlights of the program:

a. Radiant Installations (Installing success factors through high-energy transmission and embedded exchange):

i. Identifying the conscious and subconscious data sets.

ii. Active embodiment and dissemination of personal data and information to correlate mindsets for everyone.

iii. Implementing and making adjustments towards passive installations, via group theory and one to one

b. Strategic Empowerment (Long term strategy planning with a Visionary approach)

i. Coaching and enforcing critical components of personal success and transforming them into irresistible natural
process or daily routines.

ii. Establishing VPA – Vision Plan Action

Entrepreneur Lifestyle Program

Entreprenuer Lifestyle Program

This program is designed for the Evolution of Entrepreneurship. SK’s LIFESTYLE acronym provides you the basic tenets or components that form the building blocks of taking you from a startup mode to a rockstar status.

Learn Startup Strategy: Innovative startups adopt lean startup strategy to drastically reduce cost of operation,marketing and sales with human capital creativity.

Innate Innovation:Identifying an innovation,launching your innovative product/service and private labelling an innovation based on your interests and passion.

Financial Freedom & Modelling:Scaling your cash flow from $50,000-$500,000 (10X)within 12-18 months.

E-commerce:Selling products and services online.Mastering Private Labeling And Drop-Shipping.

Sales Funnels:Create traffic,capture leads and convert sales using proven sales Funnel strategies adding upsell and downsell options in your sales funnel.

Technology & Automation: Outsourcing and automation using people,process and technology.

Yoga & Meditation:Managing stress and keeping a healthy body,mind and soul. Using meditation to purge the trash and negative thoughts in mind.

License,Leverage & Leapfrog: Licensing PLR (PrivateLabelRights)products, Leverage others innovations and Leapfrog your business by multiple sales channels.

Execution and Massive Action:Use Vision Plan Action (VPA)to take your innovation to execution and take massive action to succeed.

Disruptive Visionary Program

Disruptive Visionary

The course focuses on how to develop a disruptive business model that will catapult your company to the exclusive billion dollar club. Creating a disruptive business model and developing a disruptive VISIONARY are the building blocks of this program.

Vision Impossible: Mastering your subconscious mind to develop a vision that is usually considered impossible to envision and achieve.

Innovative disruption: If your disruptive idea is in anyone of these 10 domains, success factor is high as leafing investors prefer these domains (Mobile apps, cloud solutions, social networks, global strategy, viral community, Revolutionary technology, online payments, Internet services, E commerce etc.

Scalable Business Model: Establishing a valuation over a billion since inception within the first year of launch.

Impeccable implementations: Flawless implementations and launch of products, solutions, services.

Opportunities unlimited: One product to a million possibility, a platform that can be used by anyone for anything.

Network Markets: Have a universal product or service that has a universal application reaching the masses beyond the divides of demographics, communities, countries, cultures and languages.

Acquisition, Adoption and Adaptation: To grow rapidly, be prepared and ready for mergers and acquisitions with other companies and have or develop the abilities to successfully adopt and adapt during the acquisition process.

Revolutionary Business Plan: A pitch-perfect business plan that aids in attracting and raising venture capitals and should have raised over 100 M in funding within series a,b and c.

Yin- Yang business strategy: Strategy and execution are the yin and yang of business and are complementary opposites that need to balance and align closely to create a greater common goal.

Limitless Legacy Program

Limitless Legacy

Step into the world of new possibilities! Enhance your entrepreneurial abilities with a set of specialized skill. This Limitless legacy program is designed exclusively to increase human potential and meeting entrepreneurial challenges with a sense of optimism. It promises an enhanced utilization of the brain promising an accelerated growth within the range of 2 to 10X. Limitless legacy program is directed on educating people on the different dimensions on the art of visualization.

The special techniques mentioned in this course enable the identification of hidden or dormant talents and its development or nurturing for scalable monetization. The program enables the digestion of a huge amount of education at a lightning pace with a mastery over the subject.

Candidate develops a fearless approach in facing challenges. There will be a tremendous improvement in the person’s problem solving skills and his/her confidence.



Bootcamps are designed extensively for group treatments. This is the opportunity for like minded people to be together and review their knowledge for a refined version on the subject. Group activities enhance engagement and retention of knowledge.

It spans over two days covers the subjects with a short, intensive and a rigorous course of training. This mode of learning inculcates the opportunity of learning from leaders and fellow entrepreneurs within the group. It promotes better assimilation and dissemination of information refining the final version on the subject.



“Behind every successful person, there is a mentor” This adage clearly states that to be empowered it is necessary to be guided. The phrase states the need for mentors. It is difficult to walk on a path without the help of a mentor. It is as good having sight but no vision. A mentor is very different from a guide, the difference stems from the fact that you share a relationship with a mentor but not with a guide.

We offer one to one as well as group mentoring according to the need. Our focus is on effective knowledge transfer. Certain aspects of knowledge points can be disseminated effectively in a group. The gigantically of the person cannot be justified in description. His credentials make him more than worthy to shed light on various topics around the course curricula. The group and one to one treatments make a person enlightened on the value of mentorship.



Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.

Mastermind group facilitators start and run groups. They help the group to dive deeply into discussions, and work with members to create success path.

It helps you with creative ideas and wise decisions-making skills. Then, as you begin to implement your plan, you bring both success stories and problems to the group. Masterminds breaks business down to basic building blocks and educates on us on assembling them for success. This course empowers you to get proven success and gain an unwavering focus in work and life as well. The idea of success being born or as “talent” needs to be revamped. Success is made, carved out of a design. A design that we created ourselves, in time it blossomed into success. A business should be measured on cause and effect not luck, fate or magic. Neither of the latter exists in the world of reality.


  • Create a Disruptive Vision Document and draft a VPA.
  • Innovate a Business Model.
  • Create and Innovate a Scalable Product and Or Technology.
  • Design a viral social media marketing strategy.
  • Design a Digital Media Marketing Plan. (5-in-1 plan) Search, Social, Mobile, Video and Content Marketing.
  • Develop a Strategic Sales & Marketing Plan.
  • Design and Implement a Strategic Business Plan.

SK Music

Dr.Kumar has had a passion for music since his childhood. His stage name is Shaan Kaye and he touched his first guitar in the age of 7 and he got too busy and successful with his education and career in Software industry so he has to pause his passion in Music. He has launched 3 music albums over the past few years and his upcoming albums are Revolution and Chasing Glory.

He is crazy about EDM, Trap and Hip-hop music and he loves to write and compose motivational songs and he has written 100s of love, romantic, lifestyle & party recently.

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