Dr. Shaankumar’s Books

This book is a must read for anyone interested in starting off on a dynamic career path, or for anyone whose career is stagnant, hum-drum, or just not as successful as they hoped it would be. It is especially important for young adults, future entrepreneurs, career-minded professionals, those looking for a change, those who feel stuck, and for people who want to see beyond their everyday lives today.

Learn2Earn takes you through the mechanism of success. It will teach the skills to think like a successful entrepreneur, to turn career dreams into reality, and to earn the money you’ve always dreamed of earning. This is not some hypothetical feel-good, motivational treatise, but rather practical, real-world advice given by real people just like you who are living their dreams. By teaching you how to achieve the kind of success they are enjoying, they are passing their legacy on. Life at the top is great, come on up and join us. The air is fine.

The book begins by teaching you the value of dreaming and encourages you to start creatively dreaming your way to success. It then builds on these dreams to show you the precise steps to get from here to where you want to go. In just an hour, you’ll learn how to start making money immediately.

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MBA 360 begins by describing the basics of management. It gives you simple, yet highly effective, tools that can be applied to management or business goals in minutes by creating an effective method to track, monitor and control all phases of your business. It teaches people skills, technologies, and promotion methods without rehashing old-school business practices. In brief, it gives the 21st-century manager or entrepreneurial leader everything it takes to succeed.


This book is for anybody who occasionally feels like they have difficulty succeeding in business, life, or love. If you feel like luck doesn’t go your way, or you just can’t catch a big break, then this book is for you. This book will instruct you how to turn everything around in your life and set you on the path to lifelong SUCCESS! This book will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to shift the odds in your career, business, social interactions, and life. It will guide you step-by-step through what it takes to find out what assets you possess, how to fill in the gaps of what you need, how to win those around you, and how to change your luck.

You’ll learn a previously unpublished exact recipe in order to win every time. Apply this recipe to anything in your life and watch the success follow you. Finally, this book will teach you how to continue winning throughout your entire life and keep winning, even after you’re gone.

Never before has such a terse yet complete instruction manual for winning ever been published.


This book is for people from all occupations who have an urge to become entrepreneurs and achieve success.It aims to design and develop entrepreneurship suitable for the next generation. Being an entrepreneur does not just mean being free and independent, but it also means being a visionary, an intelligent leader, a risk taker, as well as being ambitious, confident and honest. Many business books give you some of the pieces, but only this one puts them all together into a workable method, with both the theory and practice of achieving entrepreneurial success.