Dr. Shaan Kumar is a global renaissance entrepreneur. He is an educationalist, an author, a speaker, a strategic angel investor, a music producer, a fashion designer and mentor to startup entrepreneurs and CEOs. He believes in building a legacy that will last forever, outliving him. He is the founder, CEO and Chairman of SK Group, an international group of companies. He has an entrepreneurial experience of more than 20 years, and is now looking to pass on his knowledge and experience to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Dr. Kumar had a passion for the arts as he grew up, often performing on the stage with his unique style of dancing, and playing his guitar with his band. But as he entered his adulthood, he focused more and more on the intellect and less on the arts. At one point in his life, he had an idea to preach his morals and values, through something that matched the current trend. He decided to once again step into his musical endeavours to spread his message around the world, under the stage name Shaan Kaye (SK).

He composed two albums, produced and shot music videos for all of them and launched his first album, “Gorgeous”, all in the same year. His most popular song titled, “Chase your Dream” is what he preached in Gorgeous. He followed his passion with a deep commitment, achieving his vision. He launched his second album, Legacy, the next year. It was a global phenomenon, and catered to people like himself, people who wanted to build a legacy.

Along with his music brand, he launched a fashion label under the same name Shaan Kaye. He had successfully launched the clothing line in 2013, and has held numerous fashion shows in Las Vegas. His clothing and merchandise are designed in Europe, and are manufactured in China.

This was only one of the many forms that Dr. Kumar takes on. He entered the business world in 1995, a fresh graduate from his university. Wasting no time, he started his first company, which would later grow on to become SK Group. He finished his MBA at age 23, and started his next company AmphorTech, a systems integration and software development company whose primary focus was on networking and information technology. 

AmphorTech was later renamed as EdNet, but still had the same goals and vision. Within two years, Dr. Kumar had become a millionaire, taking EdNet public through an IPO, and making it EdNet Solutions and Technology Group. With more than 150 training centres in 11 countries, he was dominating the playing field. EdNet was now an international company, and Dr. Kumar became a global entrepreneur, within five years of his career.

Being a global figure in the field of entrepreneurship, Dr. Kumar launched iGLOBAL Inc in 2001, an angel investment group. With iGlobal Inc, in the Bay Area and Singapore, he incubated and funded many internet and software startups. He could clearly see the potential of the business and set the road map for success for those companies. He is considered to be their mentor and still incubates new business ideas to make sure that they are funded and grown prospectively. iGLOBAL partnered with various venture capitalist firms, such as Mercury Investment Group, Benchmark Capital, Accel Ventures and Vickers Financial Group.

At age 27, he had known many people close to him build and run successful institutions and universities around the world. Dr. Kumar decided to enter the education market, seeking to educate and empower people who had desires to become entrepreneurs. In 2001, Dr. Kumar launched his next venture, QsoftTraining.net and NetEd which provided Human Capital Development and Management. NETed emerged as a leader in the field of E-learning and Internet Marketing Services. Headquartered in California, the company’s main concern was providing Integrated College Solutions through EduTech. NETed provided learning technologies of significant value to its customers.

He envisioned himself establishing a nationally accredited university that would be globally recognized located in the most popular state, California. He raised $50 million from various  venture capitalists and launched California InterContinental University in 2003. His investors were astonished when he got the required licenses and accreditations and overcame the hurdles and challenges in record time. He was scared, but he knew how to overcome his fear, and empowered emerging entrepreneurs telling them to bury their fear. “Dream Big, and Go Get It”, he often says. Within five years, he had turned his vision into a reality.

In the 2000s, Dr. Kumar had launched various ventures. He had become the chairman of the United States Global Entrepreneurs Association (USGEA), now know as ACE Network. He also serves on the board of H2B Studios, a cross-cultural film production and entertainment company. He has served as a chairman on numerous boards and committees, including eVisions and iBRA (International Bioinformatics Research Academy) over the decade.

After the launch of his album “Legacy”, Dr. Kumar under the stage name SK, was asked by many fans about his fashion style, his home and his way of life. He realized that his way of living was the best way anyone could possibly live. To preach this, he started his next venture, SK Lifestyle. This creative factory empowered SK as a lifestyle evangelist. In 2015, Dr. Kumar, continuing on his creative side, had begun a production house, SK Studios, for big feature films, and KreativeWorks, for short films and music videos. In 2018, he launched SK Enterprise, a network to mange, control and coordinate the activities of SK Group. In 2019, Dr. Kumar went back to his roots and launched SK University, a central head to provide the secrets of the trade to young entrepreneurs, as well as to control and manage the activities of SK Publications.

Dr. Kumar has created numerous brands under SK Group, namely SK Las Vegas, Success Factor, YogaCentury, FitnessCentury, Jumanjee and AchaHai, each emerging in its own fields and soon to be dominating in them.

Now, in 2020, Dr. Shaan Kumar celebrates his 25th year as a renaissance entrepreneur. He has founded and run numerous companies and ventures over the last two decades, but none of that is even close to how he is a person. Inspite of all his achievements, he continues to overcome himself. He still feels that he has not achieved his goals. He is very humble, down-to-earth, and constantly seeks to improve himself. Though he has spent more than half his life in doing so, this is not the end for him. In his own words, this is only but the beginning.